eCommerce Marketplace - startup business


Chimney Street is a start up business for an online marketplace. It allows users to be either customers searching and buying on the site or signing up as a seller. It allows the seller to have their own shop page, as well as all products mixed with other vendors products in the category or search pages.

The vendors have their own individual admin pages where they can set their own prices, content and upload images. They can also put items on sale or create multiple deals by cross selling or up selling. They can also view their own sales figures.

The main dashboard for the site shows total sales figures. This is only viewable to the business owners and provides details such as viewing figures, number of vendors, active products and many stats to help improvement of the site for all.

User Flow map

This shows how a user would shop on the website. The process from start to finish includes browsing then adding items to the cart. The payment process means they must be logged in or first time users must register. Once a successful order and payment has taken place the vendor is notified with an order and tracking number. These are also shared with the customer to track the delivery.

Related Products

These would appear near the bottom of the page usually within category pages or displaying items on the vendors shop page.


Vendors had the opportunity to curate their own areas for promoting individual products.

Often thought the design team would put together “must have” collections from various vendors, usually using newly released products.

Call To Action

The site had plenty of options in which to get customers to subscribe and receive weekly newsletters

Main product pages with items from different vendors.

Products from different vendors. Can be filtered via the sider on the left to increase or decrease the price range. Products can be sorted by order of relevance, budget or how new they are.

Admin section

The dashboard where all vendors details are. This also shows product listing and sales figures. Product details and images are uploaded in this area.

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