Bike eCommerce site


This was part of a much large website network for triathletes ranging from training through to diet and nutrition. The area of focus here is the selling of all types of bikes ranging from electric through to hybrid and mountain bikes. The panel neatly filters the bikes so they are easily accessible. A search bar is also available. Users can sign up for an account and have newsletters sent to them with updates. A blog is also provided, showing plenty of information that would be of use for enthusiasts from beginners to professionals.

Slider panel

This slides between 3 to 5 images, all with info on and call to action buttons.

An early site map

Product details

This provides details to the individual bike that has the main photo to zoom in on and other detailed images. The user can add the bike to their basket or wish list for later comparison.


Regularly updated blogs on numerous subjects from racing to bike maintenance.

Basket and payment

This shows the 4 steps in which to buy the chosen bike. It guides the user intuitively. Orders can be removed from the basket before the next steps of delivery and payment.

Category pages

The left hand panel shows all options to filter and narrow down the products to help find the right bike for the user. The breadcrumbs help the user find where they are and need to go.

The quickview allows for a pop up to show further info on the bike without having to go directly to that page. Also a couple of bikes can be compared if the boxes are ticked.

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