Wedding Planner App


An app that takes the effort out of planning a Wedding!

Features include:

Tell us about your big day! – A checklist with priority order and all attached to a calendar. This includes a feature that shows your next 3 to do items.

Auto detecting your location. This links to Google maps and brings up local shops, deals and services targeted for Weddings. Can be turned off if required.

Find a venue – Plenty of venues through the country, all wanting your attention.

A countdown to the big day e.g. 168 days . 06 hours . 17 mins .19 secs

Users can budget, create a list of guests and who is attending. Ideas to be inspired by and favourite items to look at another time.

Below is a selection of images for the app.

Colour chart

The colour palette used for this app.


When a user launches the app for the first time, these screen are to help the process of getting someone “up and running”

Navigation and image selection

The navigation slides in and out from the left. This includes settings and a message service.

Images can be added to the app from the camera or from another device.

Main area for shopping

Choose from venues, dresses and further accessories. If auto detect location is on, then the options automatically populate with information from the local area.


An area for people to share information and ideas.

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