Mobile eCommerce - Coffee House


This app sells both coffee and food for the morning commute. It allows the user to place an order up front and pay before visiting the coffee shop. The take away drinks and food play a big part in the coffee shops profits and is especially good for when the store is busy.

As a way of promotion, users can collect points on their phone app.

When they register they receive 100 bonus points. Earn 5 points for every £1 spent and redeem points whenever they want to. There are also exclusive rewards to using the app.


Colour palette

The colours used for this app.

Sign up and sign in screens

App needs the user to sign up in order to use it.

Menu options

As well as daily coffee, people can order pastries and sandwiches through the menu screens. These can be added to their favourites and used on a daily basis instead of going through all the steps to reorder.

Navigation and payment screens

Main navigation through the top left menu. The bottom of the app has short cuts directly to favourite screens. Once the payment details have been added, these can be saved so its simply only a few clicks to order your favourite drink and food.


Screens that guide the user through each of the payment steps.

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